Writing a good thesis statement worksheet pdf

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Thesis Statements Matter. The thesis statement is the core of your work, paper, research, or write-up. It provides the direction of your paper in order to answer the questions you introduced in your paper and make sound and reliable conclusions.

Writing (or Revising) a Thesis Statement I. Preparation A. Read (or re-read) jkaireland.comg a thesis statement A. In one or two sentences, summarize the main thing that you want to say in your paper. B. A good thesis statement says something that you believe but with which others might disagree.

Therefore, a thesis cannot be a sentence. Reading for Thesis-Statement Ideas 2 expression of good citizenship, foster our country’s unhealthy obsession with political correctness, and, quite frankly, threaten democracy. The Three-Story Thesis There are one-story intellects, two-story intellects, and three-story intellects with etc.

A two-story thesis is like a good cup of French roast—nothing fancy, but is substantial and tastes good. ENGL 01 Writing About Literature 2 and logical statements, and to present them in an ordered fashion.

Writing Thesis Statements 2 position on a debatable issue. In other words, when you write a thesis statement, you take a stand about something. PROBLEMATIC THESIS STATEMENTS: AN EXERCISE The thesis sentence is the single most important sentence in any piece of persuasive/argumentative writing.

A good thesis is (in the words of writing teacher Peter Elbow) the essay's "center of gravity." Good theses (the plural of thesis) are difficult to craft. It is all too easy to go astray.

Writing a good thesis statement worksheet pdf
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