Write any four features of indian party system

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Five Major Problems the Indian Judicial System is Facing

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Top 10 Salient Features of Party System in India

Investment in power transmission has stipulated behind with several important based states suffering from power growing congestion. Indian Political Parties India has a multi-party system, where political parties are classified as national, state or regional level parties. The status of party is accorded by the Election Commission of India, and the same is reviewed occasionally.

The Constitution of India has many distinctive features of its own. The main features of the Constitution of India includes: voluminous, federal nature, parliamentary form of government, written constitution, has a preamble, guarantees fundamental rights, provides directive principles, and uniform citizenship.

The Party is extremely funny situational commedy with the wealthy Hollywood Power Players gently liking Peter Sellers, the uninvited Indian, Sweet - non-star- with the Indian actor slowly destroying the Party, The House, and The Establishment.

The Indian multi-party system initially worked as one party dominant multi-party system. Betweenthe Congress dominanted fully the Indian political scene at the national and state levels.

It got, seats inand General Elections respectively. The Indian multi-party system initially worked as one party dominant multi-party system. Betweenthe Congress dominanted fully the Indian political scene at the national and state levels.

It got, seats in. The distinctive features that defined the party system of India in the first two decades after independence are no more to be seen at present. evaluation of party system, Indian politics, state-society relationship, socio- economic and Either (A) (i) the candidates set up by it, in any four or more States, at the last general election.

Write any four features of indian party system
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