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Travel Writing Business Diploma Course

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Following an introduction to the course, and what to expect from it, the Travel Writing Business Course begins by explaining what travel writing really is (such as books, guides, brochures and more) and providing examples of some famous writers.

If you'd like to improve your travel writing you will first need to consider six essential elements for travel writing: history, sharing a journey’s characters, imagination, insight, humour and dialogue; many of these elements are also found to be essential for quality fiction writing (Granville, ).

There are other elements but lets begin with these.

Online Travel and Writing Courses Whenever and Wherever You Have Time!

The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course is your ticket to travel writing success. Conducted entirely online and delivered to you over your choice of 12 or 24 weeks, you can study at your own pace and take up to 2 years to complete your course.

Distance learning courses have no set start dates, and may be taken at a time to suit you and your plans. You have a two year period in which to complete the course, after that an update fee may be payable if you want to continue with your tuition.

Creative Writing. Express yourself with the written word. Develop your creative style the smart way with Creative Writing courses at the University of Sydney. Pack your passport and pen and come to along to this class, which is ideal for anyone who has ever wanted to turn their travel stories into saleable tales.

The goal of this course is to reveal the Start Date: Oct 27, Travel writing requires you to pack along a sense of adventure, a journalist’s eye, and a storyteller’s flair. Here you will learn about the full spectrum of travel writing—articles, memoir, essay, blogs, guidebooks—as well as writing craft and how to market your work.

Travel writing courses online
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