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Mocking Marketing To Women

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Garrard led the Jaguars to an 11—5 birth and a wild card reconsider in the playoffs. Our page for muscular women art and fantasies about muscle girls.

Here you find the best female muscle artwork. A great variety of pictorial art, stories, 3D-art and muscle women drawings, including anime/manga, can be found here. This new show at Bossy Grrls takes you down the rabbit hole with the newest members of the house troupe at Bossy Grrls Pinup Joint, under the direction of burlesque veteran, Crystal Swarovski, along with some special $ An awesome video from BBC’s Look Around You on The Petticoat 5: The first computer designed just for women.

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“The computer was created by Patricia (her surname is silent).” Watch and be amazed. An awesome video from BBC’s Look Around You on The Petticoat 5: The first computer designed just for women.

“The computer was created by Patricia (her surname is silent).” Watch and be amazed. Disruptive technology, they say.

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The revolutionary product at the core of Theranos (a company name beget from “therapy” and “diagnosis”) was a proprietary blood test method that only required drops of blood through a pin prick at the pharmacy versus big needles and vials full.

Tonight is the 5 year anniversary show for Monday Mayhem at Bossy Grrls Pin Up Joint No Cover! They have a killer cast of Sexy People!

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