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Travel Writer and Blogging Services

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Travel Writing Jobs

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Technical upper Technical writers create information-based materials, such as clients, textbooks and articles. Find australian freelance work on Upwork. online jobs are available.

Allison is also a presenter at the Australian Writers’ Centre. Valerie Khoo is national director of the Australian Writers’ Centre. She is a freelance journalist and her latest book is Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business (Wiley).

After writing about small business for Fairfax for seven years, Valerie is now also in demand. Freelance travel writing and caravanning in Australia.

Hello, thanks for cruising by My name is Glenys Gelzinis and I’m a freelance travel writer and photographer based in South Australia. With the right attitude and the right knowledge, you CAN travel far (pun definitely intended) in the industry.

The best travel writers can turn a trip to the post office into an adventure for the ages.

Eight tips to become a travel writer

The principles of good travel writing – and how to approach editors – apply to almost every publication in the English-speaking world. Find freelance Travel Writing work on Upwork.

7 Travel Writing online jobs are available. Travel writing is one of the pursuits where you can cover a lot of mileage (literally), but stay in the same place (figuratively, i.e. payment. I’ve gotten most of my pleasure from the travel, but have always kept my day job.

Freelance travel writing australian
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