Criminal justice scholarships

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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

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Scholarships for Criminal Justice Majors

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Commitment to Criminal Justice Scholarships

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The Department of Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice degrees

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Whether you’re aiming to become a police officer, border patrol agent, lawyer, judge, probation officer, FBI agent, or any other contributing member of our judicial system, criminal justice scholarships can go a long way towards achieving your career goals.

You want to contribute to the safety of your community. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration degree is a great start to getting there.

As you pave a path toward your degree, you’ll pick up the leadership and administrative skills to take beyond the classroom and directly influence the world of law enforcement. Degree Program Overview.

Department of Criminal Justice

The College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University is one of the oldest and most prestigious programs in the nation. The Criminal Justice Program is comprised of professional and general education courses and is designed to provide you with a broad exposure to criminal justice theory and processes.

Jan 25,  · Faculty members in the department represent a wide array of expertise. On the criminal justice side, we have faculty focused on policing, corrections, theories of crime, juvenile justice, and federal law enforcement to name a few.

The Maryland Criminal Justice Association (MCJA) is a non-profit organization fostering professionalism and providing opportunities for career development within the field of Criminal Justice.

Criminal justice scholarships
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